Born in 1962 in France

Founder and director of the Atelier Municipal d’Arts Plastiques Pierre Soulages, Charenton-le-Pont.
Founding member of the association « Atelier de gravure Bo Halbirk and the Artothèque A Fleur d’Encre ».

Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré, Paris.

Personal exhibitions since 1985 : Mairie de Tempelhof - Berlin, Maison des Artistes - Charenton-le-Pont, Galerie Foch - Perpignan, Galerie Arago - Perpignan. Group exhibitions and salons since 1985 : Paris and numerous cities in the Paris region, Compiègne – France, Bratislava and Piestany - Republic of Slovakia, Aabenraa – Denmark, Leipzig – Germany, Bhopal - India.


Invited to an international colloquium about etching at the Kirsten Kjær Museum, Denmark. Selected for the 16th session of the Print Symposiums, Hohennosig Germany.

Sand-etched glass panel for the Post Office on rue Le Peletier - Paris, mosaic for the school Champs des Alouettes - Charenton-le-Pont, design of the fountain at place Henry Dunant - Créteil.

There is a secret reading of the poetic world I like to represent that elicits personal interpretations in the viewer and calls on his own memories. He can thus travel through his own “geography” where the infinitely small and the infinitely large meet, and where all things could merge.

“In her images Sylvie Abélanetoften plays with abrupt juxtapositions and scale inversions, the small sometimes being at the same scale as the large. The tight framing of the subjects, as though seen through a close-up lens, accentuates this impression, disturbing our vision with the ultimate effect of tipping a flower, a figure out of their simple figurative representation.”